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Dr.Dai visited SMIC in Shanghai, and discussed the possible online VOC analysis on the semi-conducter industry.

Dr.Dai visited Beijing Environmental Monitoring Station. The VOC & TVOC Online analyzation is most important issues to be discussed. The presentation is interesting and dicussed with all attendents.

Dr.Dai had another VOC & TVOC Online Analysis presentation in Tianjing Environmental Monitoring Station.Scientists are all interesting in our VOC & TVOC instrment applications in all field. Many issues discussed.

Dr.Dai had a VOC & TVOC Online Analysis presentation in Jinan Environmental Central Station. Attendents dicussed the relations of O3, PM2.5 & VOCs. Our N6000 and N6000-5D are introduced to the users.

Nutech Online TVOC instrument will be installed in ShenZhen City area to continuously monitoring the VOCS which may causes O3 and / or PM2.5 high!

CEO Dr.George Dai visted SMIC to discuss the applications of our online VOC instrument in Semi-Conductor Industry.

China published HJ 759-2015, China National Environmental Protection Standard:Ambient-Air-Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds-Collected by Specially-Prepared Canisters and Analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, In this HJ 759-2015, the writer did use Nutech Instrument to acheived the Testing and all 6 comparison providers are using our preconcentration System.

The general manager of one of our distributors for our online VOC and TVOC analysis instruments will visit our US Dallas base facility at end of June and begining of July.

Dr. Dai visited Restek facility in Bellefonte, PA, USA and worked with the leaders of Restek to arrange the furture cooperation between two US base companies.

Dr. Dai visited Restek facility in Bellefonte, PA, USA and worked with the leaders of Restek to arrange the furture cooperation between two US base companies.

The GD Environmental Supplies, Inc Chrismas Holiday Party was hold in Hotel in DFW airport area. All employees attended and everyone enjoyed the wonderful during the overnight stay.

Nutech 6000-5D finished its electronic cooling system and the trap temperature can be controlled at -20°C. The whole VOC range compounds from C2 to C12 in air can be efficiently preconcentrated and the detection limit for those light VOCs can be reached to sub ppbv level.

Nutech 6000 installed in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanning, Haerbing and Wuhan etc Cities for Total VOC online analysis.

Restek published the Application note: Rapid TO-15 by Nutech 8900DS. The GC Run Time can be as short as 15 minutes with all QC date met requirement of EPA TO-15.

Nutech finish 8900DS in Taiwan for Application Of Organic Sulfur Compound & H2S. The performance is the best comparison with all other unit by other maker.

12/31/12: Dr. Dai visited the major distributors in China in Shanghai and Beijing. The leaders discussed the market development in China and further cooperation in distribution and services in China. The distribution districts in China have been confirmed in each part. The China east, south, south west except Chong Qing are responded by “Shanghai Impact”, and the China north, north east, north west are all responded by “ Beijing Rinst”. Both distributors are planed to put more sales forces to achieve a new goad in their distribution are. Both distributors are presented the cooperation each other to avoid any duplicate or replicate bid or subcontractor situation in 2013 and future.

Manufacture statement:Shanghai Impact Electronic Scientific Co. Ltd. is appointed as our sole distributor in Sichuan Province, China. We hope we may contribute our state of art instrument to the air quality improvement in Sichuan province.

Statement:We only authrize RINST TECHNOLOGY LIMITED to be our exclsive and lawful attorney in fact to represent and bind us in the People's Republic of China for the Hebei BoaoTendering Agent's Invitation for Bid(IFB) NO:0860-124112207305 Package A for supply of the Goods proposed in the bid which we manufacture or produce.

A new 2202A dynamic dilutor was installed and tested by Air Toxics in CA, USA.

Statement:We only authrize RINST TECHNOLOGY LIMITED to be our exclsive and lawful attorney in fact to represent and bind us in the People's Republic of China for the Hebei BoaoTendering Agent's Invitation for Bid(IFB) NO:0860-124112207301 Package A for supply of the Goods proposed in the bid which we manufacture or produce.

A new 2502 was installed in Hong Kong.

An Application Note was presented in Pittcom by EST.

Welcome our new distributor in China:RINST TECHNOLOGY LIMITED.

A New 2702 with vacuum pump system was developped for Tube Sampling.

An Critical Technical improvement was made for Nutech 8900 Serious which may improve the peformance.

A Nutech 8900 system was installed in Czech Republic.

An improvement Version of 8900 system for organic sulfur compounds is tested and put into market.

Dr.Dai and John attended Pittcom,2011 with EST,Dr.Dai had a meeting with distributors in China, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries.

Resteck installed a new Nutech 8900 preconcentrator for their applications.

EST set up a new distribution relationship in USA and most area in the world with GD Environmental Supplies, Inc., the Nutech Preconcentrator turn key instruments and all related instrument maker.

Dr.Dai will be going back to China for more business opportunities of product inventions on 10/07/2010.

Nutech 6000, TVOC online analysis Instrument is on our catalog.

EST Installed Nutech 8900, 3602, 2100, 2200 and relative instrument.

Nutech finished installation in Harvard University for their 8900 system. The unit is used for a research group in the university.

EST Group leader visited Nutech facility in Richardson TX. Both sides are interesting in the future cooperation.

Nutech attended the Pittcom in Orlando. Anita and Dr.Dai work wth Sam and Rob on the show.

Nutech 2710 now has a whole metal version. All box is made by stainless steel.


We finished all our products delivering for USEPA school air sampling project.


Our second worldwide marketing meeting will be hold in our Dallas office on 8/28/09. Our sales representatives will get together to discuss and promot our market development over the world.


The Nutech 8900 preconcentrator with 3602 autosampler have been deliveried for Maryland state project. The additional Nutech 2701 timers for USEPA school project has been deliveried.

Our US and Canada area sales and technical training meeting has been successfully finished on 6/14/09. Our sales and marketing team members are all confident to achieve our sales goad for 2009. Another sales and technical training meeting has been schedued within three months.

We just won a bid from Maryland State Environmental Department for Nutech 8900 Preconcentrator with Nutech 3602 Autosampler. We will install this unit very soon.

We have scheduled to delivery first 30 Nutech 2701 timers on time before 06/01/09.

We sent a bid to Maryland state USA for Nutech 8900 preconcentrator with Nutech 3602 autosampler. We also scheduled to summit our proposal to some Taiwan China project.

EPA just increased their order for 48 Nutech 2701 timers.

We just win the USEPA school project bid for 30 Nutech 2701 Timers. The high quaility 2701 air sampling timer is reliable device for air canister sampling. It is totally contaimination free and leak free. The battery can be use for at least three months with a single charge.

The Nutech products US and Global marketing and training meeting has been scheduled from 6/12/09 to 6/14/09. Our instrument specialists, management marketing team will meet together to discuss and built up our new mile stone for contributing our products in US and globle market. 

One of our instrument user's feed back:
Dr. Dai:  We appreciate your support during the study and the opportunity to evaluate the 2701 timers.  The benzene study in Burlington Vermont went very well.   We had very good sample capture rate with the 2700 timers during the study period.

We have awarded  the USEPA bid on school project. 30 units of Nutech 2701 timers will be contributed to EPA's school air monitoring system.

Dr. Dai met one of our sensor suppliers to discuss the improvement of the MFC flow sensor so that our flow rate on lower flow rate end will be significantly improved.

Our sales manager Sam Lanasa visited CARB in California.

Our distributors in Taiwan area are working to sumit our proposals for sulfur analysis for Taiwan air monitoring case.

We sent our bid to EPA Air Monitoring for School Project. Our bid includes our new 2702 Timer with MFC combined products.

Our another set of Nutech 8900 system has been successfully installed in one of China cities

GD Environmental Supplies, Inc and New Star Env. scheduled a sale's representatives marketing and training meet in Dallas, TX, USA. Our sale's representativs and agents will get together to discuss our new mile stone of sales and technologies.

Nutech turn key instruments have been shown on Pittcom. New Star Env., Our sales department in USA and Canada oranized this show and we got great event in this worldwide conference.


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