Sampling Canisters 

Canisters are used for the collection ofTO-14 and TO-IS compounds, as well as all other air samples. The canisters are the most important part of the whole air VOC analysis. We support two types of canisters: the Sileo Can™ Air Monitoring Canisters and the TO- Can™ Air Monitoring Canisters (SUMMA® equivalent).


1. Reliable analyte recovery even after 14 days storage
2. Wide selection of valves
3. Newest surface technology
4. Effectively store low level sulfur compounds
    (1-20 ppb)
5. Wide range of sizes: 0.4, I, 3, 6 and IS liters
6. Serial controlled label
7. Enhanced valve and canister bracket



1. SUMMA® equivalent
2. Proprietary electropolish surface
3. High quality, metal-to-metal seal
4. 2-port or 3-port valve available
5. Valve with SS diaphragms
6. Unique holder attaches handle and base without welds
7. All metal flow paths
8. Wide range of sizes: 0.4, I, 3, 6 and IS liters
9. Withstands temperatures up to 300·C
10. Rugged performance in the field



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