Nutech N6000 Specifications

TVOC monitoring response range: all volatile organic compounds (VOC)(NMOC) and, Methane.

TVOC (NMOC) monitoring limit: < 0.1ppb, Methane: 0.05 ppm

Adsorption tube: using normal temperature adsorption technology, special adsorption specially formulated for use by the thick air sample tube, adsorption.

Quality control: MFC quality flow control, the sample volume can be 0-100ml, into the sample flow rate can be adjusted.

Sample analysis time: < 10 minutes.

Use gas: nitrogen (carrier gas and supplemental gas), air (gas assisted gas), hydrogen (gas).

The detector: the United States produces high efficiency, high precision, high stability hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID).

Data precision: relative deviation < 3%. Data accuracy: recovery rate 90-100%

Data interface: 4-20mA current, 0-5V DC, RS-232, RS-485 serial port, Ethernets interface.

The software of the instrument: the independent operation software based on Win7, Win8 and Win10, the control interface includes the operation procedure, the gas flow direction dynamic indicator,

Win7, Win8, Win10 operating system, the analysis of the results, the time and sequence of analysis and QA/QC report.

Working environment: temperature10-40°C, relative humidity 90%

The instrument size: 15 (W) X 25 (H) X 30 (D), weight: 15 lb

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