Nutech N6000-5D Specifications


GC-FID Technology VOC monitoring response range: 57 PAMS Compounds & 67 USEPA TO-15 Compounds.

The most minimum VOC monitoring limits: < 0.1ppb. the detection limit for most VOC compounds as low as 0.02 ppb. The detection limit of critical compounds can be achieved as Benzone < 0.05 ppb, Butene < 0.4ug/M3 (0.15 ppb), 1,3-Butadiene < 0.015 ppb, Trimethy/Benzone < 0.01 ppb. With the range of 0-300 ppb or over.

Automatic sampling, enrichment, analysis, concentration and analysis of the ppb order of the total volatile organic compounds

Standard cycle time: < 60 minutes. Electronic cooler can lower the Trap temperature as low as -40°C

Integrated gas and carrier gas pressure control: digital pressure display

According to the change of temperature and pressure, the gas flow can be accurately controlled, and the retention time of material can be ensured.

Win7, Win8, Win10 computer control, the control and operation of the analyzer, the monitoring analyzer and the chromatographic software are easy to operate.

Through Ethernet or modem communication of the analyzer remote control, through the serial communication to transmit data and state information using the standard protocol.

With basic calibration and user calibration function.

Automatic calibration of quality control points, which is to check the sensitivity of the analyzer and check the function of zero point and full point.

Sampling, sample preconcentration and sample concentration:

Sampling time 0 ~ 30 minutes can be adjusted;

Sampling flow rate of 10 ~ 120 ml/min (adjustable);

Using a special adsorbent, normal or low temperature pre adsorption concentration, the detection limit can reach sub ppb level.

Precise temperature controlling and forcing air-cooling on adsorption tube.

The analyzer can analyze the low carbon (C2-C6) and high carbon (C6-C12) compounds in the air. Hydrocarbons, organic alcohols, aldehydes, acids, esters, and organic sulfur compounds at the same time.

Analytical temperature up to 350°C (adjustable);

Heating rate 60 /S. Analytical column: a special capillary column.

Adsorption tube: the room temperature adsorption technology, special adsorption specially formulated for use by the thick air sample tube, adsorption.

Quality control: the use of MFC quality flow control, the sample volume can be 1000 - 50 ml, into the sample flow rate can be adjusted.

Use working gas: nitrogen (carrier gas and added gas), air (gas), hydrogen (gas).

The detector: the United States produces high efficiency, high precision, high stability, hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID).

Data precision: relative deviation < 5%

Data accuracy: the recovery rate of 80% - 120%

Data interface: 4-20mA current, 0-5V DC, R-232 serial port, Ethernets interface.

Instrument software: Based on Win7's, Win8's, Win10's independent operation software, the control interface includes the operation procedure, the gas path flow direction dynamic indicator, the analysis result shows that the analysis time and sequence and QA/QC report.

Chromatographic column: the United States is a special high separation and high stability capillary column; with the temperature programmed VOC separation is good.

Working environment: temperature 10-40°C, relative humidity 20% - 90%

Instrument size: 15 "(W) X 25" (H) X 30 "(D)

Weight: 15 lb

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