Specification characteristic:

·       Software is easy to operate, automatic measurement range selection, automatic fuel shutoff system

·       Automatic flame indicator

·       Adjustable alarm and heater setting

·       1% full range accuracy, quick response

·       Interchangeable stainless steel hose two - level sample filter

·       Teflon insulation detector (FID) 19 inch bracket / table

·       Heating the sample pump, automatic ignition, hydrogen or hydrogen / helium fuel optional

·       Automatic calibration and zeroing and solenoid valve calibration software, RS-232 interface, secondary concentration warning level, internal combustion air supply, purging and built-in cleaning system, the dilution system, user selectable fuel automatically define and conversion of continuous determination of range and multiple sequence operation


Related equipment:

·       Zero air generator: General zero air generator.

·       Hydrogen generator: common hydrogen generator.

·       Heating wire and controller.

·       Tape drawing recorder and data recorder


Technical index:

·       Test method - single heating furnace, single flame ionization detector

·       Measuring range / calibration range - (a single amplifier 4 range, 1 amplifiers)

·       0-10, 0-100, 0-1000, 0-10000ppm (low detection limit 0.01ppm) or

·       0-100, 0-1000, 0-10000, 0-100000ppm (low detection limit 0.1ppm)

·       Zero point and measurement noise - less than 0.2% of the whole range

·       The zero point and measuring point displacement between every 24 hours the whole range of + / - 1%

·       Linearity - 1% of all range

·       Repeatability - the entire range of the entire range of 1%

·       Stability - the entire range of the entire range of 1%

·       Oxygen effect - 1% of the range of options, the response time - 90% of the final reading of a second.

·       Air temperature - from 50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

·       Flow rate - 4 L / min (standard) or 10 L / min (as required)

·       Dimensions - panel 19 "wide, 16.75 inch wide, 18 inch, 21 inch long, 9" high.

·       Weight - according to the option, the weight is 35 to 45 pounds.

·       Operating temperature - 300 degrees F (200 degrees F or 400 degrees Fahrenheit).

·       Safety - flameout lights, alarm in the rear stall; fuel shutoff, standard gas solenoid valve closed and zero. Option: sample off

·       Voltage output - the output voltage is one of the following

·       0-10VDC (standard), 0-1VDC (option, no extra charge), 0-5VDC (option)

·       Current output - 4-20 mA, signal source

·       Alarm - normally open, low current relay contact point switch, when the alarm off, for the instantaneous starting valve.

·       Concentration 1 - normally open, low current relay contact point switch, when the alarm is off, for the instantaneous starting valve.

·       Ignition - Auto (can be set up to the operator from the panel manually)

·       Spark plug - in the main spark plug and auxiliary spark plug (set by rear panel)

·       Engine time - about 45 minutes can be used, about 2 hours to reach stable

·       Display - background light icon, X 64H 240W pixels, high contrast, wide angle


Operation requirements:

·       Fuel - pure hydrogen, input pressure: 18psi; ultra pure hydrogen / helium mixture, input pressure: 18psi

·       Combustion air - no oil / water / hydrocarbon instrument air, input pressure: 18psi

·       Zero level of gas - super pure zero air or nitrogen, pressure: 9psi

·       Intermittent calibration standard gas - operator selected by air or nitrogen balance the known hydrocarbon concentration and the input pressure: 9psi (recommended using methane and propane gas standard and balanced air to reduce the standard time is)

·       Option gas - no oil / water / hydrocarbon of the instrument air or ultra pure nitrogen combined with dilution option, pressure: 18psi

·       No oil / water / hydrocarbon compounds of the instrument air is used for cleaning options, the pressure of the transport: 50psi

·       Power requirements - 115VAC, 60Hz, 600 W


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