Nutech N20-N20/2 Online Industrial TVOC (NMOC) ANALYZER 

This is the most state of art instrument in emission testing area for industrial usage. A special stable FID detector is used to obtain data with the heavy inforference of industrial exhaust gases such as moisture, particulates, high acid, base mixture etc. The heated sample inlet line with strong filter System can make FID stable without losting the TVOC Species. The hydrogen will be shut off if the FID flame is out. The detection range is from 0.05 ppm to 1000 ppm, and the range is automatically adjusted. The pression is RSD < 3%, and the testing accuricy recovery is 90-110%, The 0-4mA, 0-10V signer output can be selected as well as RS232, RS485 &Ethernet. A built in microcomputer will control the system.The size is desigend for standard momitor system.

Hardware Features
High sensitivity and wide detection range

Three stage module: two cryogenic traps
   and one cryofocuser

High accuracy and repeatability

Friendly sample handling
Three additional sample inlets

USB interface and user friendly software

QA/QC, leak check, sequence and method     table print outs

Software Features
Built to EPA TO-14, TO-15 methods

Ability to configure/change methods

Bypass trap I and/or bypass cryofocuser     without hardware changes

Intuitive gas path graphic display
Adjust sequence control during run

Comprehensive QA/QC report

Windows 2000, XP and Vista compatible

NutechN20 TOTAL VOC ONLINE ANALYZER software Design
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