Nutech8900 Specifications




1. Switch power supply
2. Advanced temperature control
3. Compact PCB board


1. QA/QC print out end-user friendly
2. QA/QC rcports listed in a rolling calendar
3. Dynamic gas flow display and flow     direction for all sample paths




1. Three stage cryogenic traps
2. Glass bead: -J90'Cto 250"C
3. Tenax multimedia trap: -190'C to 250'C
4. Cryofocuser: -190'C to 250"C
5. Sensitivity and detection range
6. 0.1 ppbv to percent level for most VOCs
7. Concentration ratio: >I000: I
8. Accuracy and repeatability
9. Within 10% RSD for most VOC compounds with a     sample
10. Loading range of 4-1OOOml
11. Sample handling
12. All tubes are silica coated stainless steel
13. 4-2000mlloading range with 0-100 relative humidity
14. MFC operating range 5-120ml/min with +/-2%       accuracy with an optional customized flow range
15. Temperature control: +/-2'C accuracy
16. Gas inlets: independent internal standard inlet and 3       additional sample inlets 16       sample inlets with optional autosampler
17. Operating environment: II Ov/60hz or 220v/50hz with max 1500w, 0-40'C /90% RH       operating range.
18. Dimensions: 14"(W)X20"(H)X20"(D)
19. Weight: 65 lbs.

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