This instrument works in conjunction with the GC or GC/GCMS or independently as an automatic loop injection inlet. The 3606 holds up to 22 canisters (all sizes) and Tedlarâ„¢ bags. With the loop injection valve installed, the autosampler can also be attached directly to a GC or GCMS without the need of the 8900 Preconcentrator when analyzing concentrations exceeding 0.1 ppm. The autosampler is a vertical design which saves valuable laboratory space and makes it easier to add and remove canisters. The canister hold plate is made of stainless steel and can be flipped up when not in use.


1. Space saving
2. Easy to add or remove canisters
3. Flexibility to perform either automated analysis of 22 Silonite® or SUMMA passivated canisters in accordance with EPA methods TO-14 and TO-15 with the Model 8900 Preconcentrator or by a direct loop injection to the GC or GC/GCMS.
4. Back-flushing of each line after analysis under software control
5. Automatic leak-check prior to opening canister valves


1. Works with any commercial GC or GC/GCMS as well as Nutech 8900 or Nutech 3551 Preconcentrator
2. 22 channels
3. Leak check each position with QA/QC reports (controlled by preconcentrator software)
3. Flush each position individually (controlled by preconcentrator software)
4. Valve heated with temperature control @ +/-2°C
5. Option: split injection and cryofocuser
6. Dimensions: 35"(W) X 59"(H) X 18"(0)
7. Weight: 35 Ibs.

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