Nutech2800 Headspace Autosampler 

The Nutech 2800 Headspace Autosampler is designed for handling large volume headspace samples from a liquid or solid matrix. The system is used with the Nutech 8900 for handling large volume headspace or can directly introduce the headspace gases to any GC or GC/MS inlet. The Nutech 2800 Headspace Autosampler can be configured as a single inlet or it can utilize multi-inlets.


1. Emergency response
2. Homeland security
3. Food industry and fragrance analysis
4. Hazardous waste sitcs
5. EPA air toxic networks


1. Large volume headspace up to SOO ml volume
2. Temperature controlled transfer line
3. Easy sample loading
4. Micro computer control
5. Both AC and DC power supply
6. LCD display
7. Carrying case for field use


1. 24V DC or 110/220V AC
2. Headspace volume: SOO ml
3. Water sample vial volume: 44 ml US standard vial
4. Headspace temperature: Room temperature to 90°C+/-     3°C 
5. Heated sample line: 1/8" SS from heads pace to     sample outlet; IS'C to 90°C 
6. Sample out: 1/8" Swage 10k union
7. Set point headspace and sample line temperature:     Room temperature to 90°C
8. Solenoid valve control sample injecting to GC
9. Equilibrium time: I to 300 minutes with audible when equilibrium reached
10. Portable case with handle (optional)
11. Maximum time to reach set point temperature: <30 minutes
12. Total power: 70W
13. Dimensions and weight: 8" (W) X 16" (H) X 13" (D); IS lbs

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