Nutech2701 Programmable Field Canister Timer

The Nutech 270 I Canister Sampling Timer is designed for canister field sampling. The unit can be set for either time integration or grab samples. The timer can be easily programed for 8 events in a 7-day period with start and stop times and works with any



1. Emergency response
2. Homeland security
3. Indoor air quality
4. Hazardous waste sites
5. EPA air toxic networks


1. Latch valve design
2. Light in weight
3. Battery life can last for 3 months with a single charge
4. Attaches easily to any commercial canister
5. LCD display
6. Water and weatherproof for field use





1. Meets sampling protocols: EPA Methods TO-14 and
2. Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion with 2500 mAh
3. Sample Path: All silica coated 55 tubing
4. Fittings: Swagelok
5. Display: 3" LCD
6. Working temperature range: -30°C to 50°C  
7. Dimensions: 4"(W) X 6"(H) X 3"(D)
8. Weight: < 1 lb


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