Nutech2602 Programmable Catridge Auto Sampler

The Nutech 2602 was designed to follow the protocol of EPA Method TO-I7, TO-I, TO-2, TO-II and other thermal desorption techniques. The Nutech 2602 has the ability to program up to eight sample events and accept a TTI signal, can program flow rates for I, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 36. 48 hours. The system has an efficient pump that assures constant flow rates, handles Tenex SS cartridges, charcoal cartridges, molecular sieve cartridges and carbonyl sampling cartridges. The 2602 has first generation electronic control, friendly software and a large LCD display.


1. Program 8 events in a 7 day period with TTI signal     accept capability
2. Adjustable flow rate
3. Programmable time duration
4. Stable constant flow
5. Handles Tenax SS cartridges charcoal cartridges,     molecular sieve cartridges
6. Accommodates carbonyl sampling cartridges
7. Friendly software
8. Flexible cartridge connection I




1. Cartridge size: 1/4" width 3.5" Iength carbonyl sampling     cartridge
2. Flow rate: adjustable 5 to 120ml/min
3. Event setting: 7 day with programmable start and stop
4. Sample pump: built in 24 V DC diaphragm pump
5. Display: 3" LCD
6. Power: 110 V/60Hz or 220 V/50Hz with max. IIOW, -5°C to     50°C
7. Size: 12"(W)X 14"(H)X 16"(0)
8. Weight: 10 Lbs.



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