Nutech2600 Automatic Canister Sampling System 

The Nutech 2600 delivers a tremendous level of instrument control and an extensive compound recovery range. The system can be scaled to meet your application needs; can operate as a single channel, or be expanded into a dual channel, 16 positions canister sampler. We have built-in Windows Touch buttons, and can record/retrieve/print sample history in real time, including start/stop time. Schedule sampling times or initiate sampling events locally or using feedback from other real-time monitors. We leak check and flush to maintain low blank levels and improve sample integrity. All sampling events are easily programmed via the keypad and LCD display.



1. Accept TTI signal from any remote device
2. 8 canister positions with separate programmable     sampling event
3. LCD display
4. Built-in printer
5. Passive or active sample inlet with built-in 24V DC     pump
6. Independent flow control for each channel and     position
7. Remote start sampling
8. Time integrated sampling
9. Sample flow controlled by MFC



1. Mass flow controller
       Flow rate: 5 to IOOml/min, accuracy: <2% RSD
2. Operation environment
       110 V/60Hz or 220 V/60Hz with max. 250W,
3. Dimensions
       8"(W)X 16"(H)X 13"(D)
4. Weight

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