Nutech 2505 Programmable Cartridge Auto Cleaner  

The Nutech 2505 was designed to follow the protocol to clean and condition cartridges according to EPA methods TO-17, TO-I, TO-2 and other thermal desorption tubes. The Nutech 2505 cleans and conditions thermal desorption cartridges at different temperature ranges, handles tenax, charcoal, molecular sieve SS cartridges and many other types. The unit is completely programmable, user friendly software allowing technician to walk away while system performs cleaning cycle.


1. Automatically cleans and conditions up to 6 cartridges at different temperature ranges
2. Constant flow control
3. Programmable flow rates
4. Programmable temperature settings
5. Eight positions with an option to 16 positions
6. Automatic temperature control
7. Accepts most types of cartridges
8. Easy to clean


1. Flow rate setting: 5 to 120ml/min or end-user specified range
2. Cartridge size: 1/4" width 3.5" length or customer designed size
3. Temperature range: 20°C to 400°C
4. Option: individual tube clean/group tube clean program
5. Option: 24v DC vacuum pump for vacuum cleaning
6. Display: 3" LCD
7. Power: IIOY/60Hz or 220Y/50Hz with max. II OW, -5°C to 50°C
8. Size: 12"(W)X 14"(H)X 16"(0)

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