Nutech 2502 Automatic Thermal Desorption System  

The Nutech 2502 system automatically analyzes VOCs following EPA methods TO-17, TO-I and TO-2, the system handles tenax, charcoal, molecular sieve cartridges and other types of adsorbent tube cartridges. The Nutech 2502 works with all commercial GC and GC/GC/MS. Our system has a built in cryofocuser, wide range temperature control, and user-friendly software.


1. Performs EPA methods: TO-17, TO-I and TO-2
2. Handles all types of cartridges and adsorbent tubes
3. Compatible with all GC/GCMS
4. Built-in cryofocuser
5. Friendly software with gas flow direction
6. Heated transfer line connects directly with column


1. Thermal desorption temperature range: 20"C - 300"C
2. Cartridge size: 1/4" \\-idth, 3.5" length
3. Thermal desorption media: He, Air or N2
4. Thermal desorption flow: 5 to 120ml/min
5. Option flow
    - Software: compatible with Windows®2000, XP and Vista 6. Power: 110 V/60Hz or 220 V/50Hz with max. 1500W, -5"C to 50"C/90%RH
7. Sensitivity: 0.2ppb or lower for most compounds
8. Size: 22 "(W) X 25" (H) X 30 "(D)
9. Weight: 62 lbs.

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