Nutech2202B Dynamic Standard and Sample Dilution System 

The Nutech 2200 system was designed for the end-user to either make his calibration standards from a high concentration source as well as to pressurize the sample canister, which is under vacuum, to an acceptable pressure and calculate the dilution factor. The dilutor prepares ppb level standards from ppm level certified cylinders. The dilutor can be expanded to accommodate 6 mass flow controllers blend cylinder standards with a diluent gas under equilibrium conditions for superior reproducibility. The Nutech 2200 has two separate channels, one for the standard and a second channel for the sample dilution.


1. Easy operation with built-in microcontroller
2. Separate standard and sample dilution channel     to avoid cross contamination
3. Liquid injection adaptor for liquid source     standard
4. The initial pressure of sample canister can be     read and displayed, the final pressure can be set     by end-user, program can automatically     calculate the dilution factors and finish the     dilution


1. Prepare standards from liquids
2. Heated oven for canisters
3. Humidified air inlet
4. Multiple standard inlet configuration


1. System configuration
      - Separate standard and sample channels for         standard and sample dilution
2. Mass flow controller
      - Flow rate: 5 to IOO ml /min, accuracy: <2% RSD
      - Multi mass flow controller for multi channel dilution
      - Flow rate option: 5ml/min To 1000ml/min
3. Operating environment
        110 V/60Hz or 220 V/50Hz with max. 100w, 0-40·C, 90%RH operating range
4. Dimensions
      - Model 2200A (compact): 13 "(W) X 5.5 "(H) X 17"(D)
      - Model 220 IA: II "(W) X 17 "(H) X 12"(D)
5. Weight
      - Model 2200A: 18 lbs.
      - Model 220 IA: 17 lbs.

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