Nutech 2100 Series Canister Clean System  

The cleanliness of the canister is very critical to the overall accuracy of the detection of TO-14 and TO-IS compounds in the sample. Canisters are reused by evacuating and refilling with nitrogen or zero air multiple times to assure previous VOCs are completely eliminated. The Nutech 2100 oven heating system maintains the canisters in a controlled temperature range upwards to 200'C. Sample temperature controlled heating strips are available.


1. Embedded system with touch screen LCD panel enables easy operation
2. Manifold assembly with 4, 6, 8, 12 canisters
3. Operates independently without computer
4. Temperature controlled heating strips
5. Flexible stainless steel tube connection for canisters and manifold


1. Canister heating
    - Automatic temperature control 2. Vacuum system
    - Model 2100 with two pumps (specify)
    - Model 2100 with one pump (specify)
3. Humidifier
    - Built-in pure water humidifier system with water level display
    - Automatically humidifies the gas stream into canisters
4. Automation
    - Can programmoble cleaning cycles from I to 99 cycles or clean manually
5. Pure gas supply
    - Nitrogen, zero air between 0 to 50 psig
6. Operation environment
    - 110 V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz with max, 1500W, 0-40"C/90%RH operating range

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