A Tedlar Bag is an alternative sampling container for air VOC analysis. The Tedlar Bag is made from a DuPont special material PVF film with a PEF-coated septa to keep the gas sample stable and leak free.

GD Environmental Supplies manufactures high quality Tedlar bags with standard volumes of I, 3. 5 and 10 liters.


GD Environmental Supplies offers NIST Traceable
calibration standards from Spectra Gases, Inc.
TO-14, 39 Compounds Standard
TO-14. 41 Compounds Standard
TO-15. 62 Compounds Standard
PAMS. 62 Compounds Standard
Other client specified standards



GO Environmental provides all the necessary installation kits and tools for the initial installation and additional maintenance. We are a single resource for all turnkey solutions. GD Environmental will integrate all system parts from sample inlet to final MS data handling. We will help to set up all the necessary performance methods including preconcentrator methods and GC/MS methods.
We will assist with all applications and research projects.

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